EFD Schedule of Events

Show Open- Tuesday & Wednesday 9AM-4PM, Thursday 9 AM-3 PM

*Farmer Olympics sponsored by Country Culture ( https://countryculture.co/) – Tuesday 1 PM-3 PM, sign up in the Country Culture Booth

*Kiddie Tractor Pull- Wednesday- 1PM-3PM

*Country Folks Championship Skid Steer Rodeo ( https://countryfolks.com/) – Wednesday 9 AM-1 PM

*Caterpillar Operator Challenge During Empire Farm Days in Booth Area 338 ( Milton CAT- https://www.miltoncat.com/events-tradeshows )- Wednesday ,August 3, 2022, 10am – 3pm

*Junior Dairy Leaders Awards in Tent C- Thursday 10 AM-Noon

*Lyon’s Equipment Auction- Thursday 2PM- ? Complete details at https://www.lyonauction.com/auctions/auction/pompey-new-york-onsite-live

*Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – 11AM-2PM -Social Media Agvocates- NY Farm Girls, Farmer Grayce and Bar 7 Ranch will be in the CazGear booth for meet and greet sessions