Grain Bin Safety Programs on the Hour All Day



Seneca Falls, NY. The New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health and the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety Grain Bin Rescue Simulator from Peosta, Iowa, are at the 2016 Empire Farm Days.

Each day on the half-hour National Education Center for Agricultural Safety Director Dan Neenan offers 20-minute safety education demonstrations with information on the four most common ways people become entrapped in grain bins, the equipment every bin operator should have on site, and how to protect yourself from grain dust and mold when working near a bin.

The Grain Bin Rescue unit is filled with 110 bushels of grain. Special training for firefighters was provided Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

According to Michigan State University Extension, it can take less than 10 seconds for an average adult to become completely submerged in a grain bin accident.

The Grain Bin Rescue Simulator is among the hundreds of exhibits at the farm show that is the largest of its kind in the Northeastern U.S. Additional sponsorship for the grain bin rescue demonstrations is provided by Farm Credit East and the NY Farm Bureau Member Services Safety Group 486.

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