Only Happening Today at EFD


Activities taking place only today:

  • 9:30 at Soil Health Center: Dr. Sally A. Flis, Director of Agronomy, The Fertilizer Institute, Washington, DC;
  • 9 am-12pm: Wine experts at the Craft Beverage Center;
  • 11 am and 2 pm: Finger Lakes Thoroughbread Adoption Program in the Runnings Round-Up! Pen;
  • 1 pm Dairy Profit Seminar: Dairy One Data to Dollars panel,
  • 2 pm: Milking Your Milk Sample, Wringing Your Records;
  • 2:30 pm at the Special Events Center: Forage Specialist Tom Kilcer plus HarvXtra Alfalfa presentations and social hour; and
  • 4 pm Beef Quality Assurance Training (pre-registration was required.)

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